A flavour of the projects we are currently working on 


We are developing tools using deep learning to aid diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in resource-constrained settings.

Neonatal health

We are working on tools to help identify low-birth-weight babies so that they are not missed by the public-health system.


We are developing systems to automate estimation of acreage and prediction of crop yield using data fusion and deep learning. This will enable governments to better plan and farmers to be better prepared to deal with the vagaries of nature.

Healthcare at the Frontlines

We are developing automated systems to enable frontline doctors and healthcare workers to provide better healthcare.


We also have active explorations going in the domains of smart cities, financial inclusion, and village-level-development. If there are cool projects you would like to propose or collaborate on, do drop us a line at contacts@wadhwaniai.org.