Our main goal is to develop AI-based solutions across areas of societal significance. These include, but are not limited to, agriculture, health, education, financial inclusion, language, and infrastructure. We also hope to develop open-access APIs and SDKs that others can use to build products and solutions that we cannot even conceive of today.



We aim to be a hub for collaborations between AI scientists from top global institutions, social-impact organizations, and governments. We host researchers who wish to visit and collaborate on our internal projects, or simply explore collaborations with external partners.



We are creating and curating high-quality open-access datasets to foster innovation. We are also looking at creating tools and guidelines to democratize creation and utilization of datasets.



We helped author India’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence Discussion Paper published by NITI Aayog. We play an active role in providing thought leadership on the use of AI for development. Although we do not teach or run courses, we are helping universities set up curricula to improve the AI and data science talent pool in developing countries.