Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Wadhwani AI) is an independent nonprofit research institute focused on AI for social good. As one of the world’s first institutes of our kind, our mission is to develop AI solutions to overcome challenges of societal importance in domains such as health, agriculture, financial inclusion, and infrastructure.

Our approach:

  • Collaborations: We will work closely with partners - nonprofits, governments, research/academic institutions, and companies - to understand challenges, discover problems to solve, develop solutions, and roll out pilots with an eye on scale.

  • Lean & Agile: We know that the way to get to the right solutions faster is by pushing our innovations out of the lab and onto the field quickly, with the intention of learning and improving.

  • Human-Centric Design: Focus on intended users and beneficiaries will always remain at the core of our solutions, because impact will be the ultimate measure of our success.

We were founded by US-based tech-billionaires Romesh Wadhwani and Sunil Wadhwani, both of whom are IIT and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) alumni.

Our team consists of world-renowned scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs from Microsoft, VMware, Stanford, Yale, Cornell, and IITs. We also have research collaborations with CMU, New York University, University of Southern California, and the University of Washington.

We are actively hiring AI researchers, product engineers, data scientists, product managers, program managers and UX designers. If you are excited by the idea of pushing the frontiers of research and engineering  to overcome real-world challenges of societal importance, reach out to us at